Spring Into One Million Dollars A Year For Life!

3_20_SPRING into money

In March and April the flowers come out…and at Publishers Clearing House, the GREEN comes out!

And by green…I mean MONEY! LOTS of it!

In fact, this April 30th, you could win One Million Dollars A Year For Life! That’s right! Visit PCH.com right now and enter to win a millionaire-making fortune this April. Since REAL people REALLY win … let’s get REAL! The Prize Patrol will definitely hit the road to make someone a millionaire this April. SPRING INTO ACTION now and you could be a $1,000,000 A Year For Life winner that the Prize Patrol surprises on April 30th!

What Are You PCHSearching For This Spring?

Will you be visiting PCHSearch&Win this March and April for gardening supplies? Or maybe walking shoes or spring cleaning supplies? It doesn’t matter because any legitimate search will get you the opportunity to win fantastic prizes! In fact beginning in April, we’ll be giving away FIVE (5) Apple iPad 2 tablets. Also, between March 17th and March 26th, PCHSearch&Win must award EXCLUSIVE CASH PRIZES that have been previously gone UNCLAIMED. Remember, search and you will find exciting prize opportunities! Oh, and if you love PCHSearch&Win’s mascot Edwin, keep on the lookout for him dressed in his new BUMBLE BEE costume.

Springtime Fun and Prizes — PCHlotto Style!

You’ll enjoy a Spring Cash Fling Card at PCHlotto from April 1st until April 10th! But that’s just the beginning of what’s in store for you. Check it out:

  • $100.00 Rain Check Card
  • $10,000.00 Cash Stimulus
  • $1,000.00 April Fool’s Gold
  • Eggs-Tra Cash Instant Win Game

Oh, something else just SPRUNG to mind. Join the irresistible Felix The Cat and his friends at PCHlotto for a rewarding adventure! These Felix The Cat PCHlotto cards will make you smile while you play for exciting prizes! Hey ask Felix’s friend Poindexter, it’s not rocket science … just amazing PCHlotto excitement that will have you screaming, “VAVOOM!”

Your Next Step To SPRING Into Prizes!

One Million Dollars A Year For Life…exclusive cash prizes…instant win games…sounds like the beginning of a VERY exciting season at Publishers Clearing House! Make sure you visit PCH.com, PCHSearch&Win and PCHlotto every day to maximize your chances to win!

Happy Spring everyone!

PCH Creative

P.S. COMMENT BELOW and let us know your favorite way to enter the PCH Sweepstakes. And also share your favorite springtime activities!

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  1. Hey Elliott,

    Got to see my son on his birthday and today is the first day of spring!!!!!! Love it!!!

    I enter everday online, I like reading all the comments on the blog site, PCH has good fans.

    Pass the word along to Danielle, Dave and Todd, I would love to win the Big Prize on April 30th. Nashville, Tennesee is beautiful in the springtime…..So, Prize Patrol head south and I’ll meet you at my door.

    Positive Believer

  2. Dear pch people hopefully win somthing for me in my life been hard bymyself beeing a widdow and taking care of 2 dogs my house falling apart i love a tub to take a bath in a front door to stop the cold from coming in bills are high and car breaking down i got called to go to work kindda hard hard im telling you what else can can happen soon ill be 49 feeling my age but i still go to work and stand all day planting flowers at a farm that pays minumun wage i have too many bills and recently went bankrupt ooohhh lord help me ived helped people in my life from shelter to somthing to eat people whos homeless with nothing i thank god for what i have amen need a blessing

  3. I play all the sweeps every day also PCH lotto and Bingo I just hope I would be able to win some day soon You can tell spring is in the air our kids ride their bikes and we walk our dog. Good luck to us all Thank you PCH for all the opportunity for us to try to win in your sweeps and games and thank you for them all being free. All the people that work with PCH are awesome and so kind thank you all and may the good Lord bless you all and keep you all safe and healthy.

  4. I have been entering everyday and play the lotto and search just hope something good happen this year for me and my husband so I’m waiting for my dream to come true!!

  5. Today is my husband and I, 9 year Anniversary so come on April 30th haven’t celebrated our anniversary in 8 years.

  6. the first i wake up morning entering my pch lotto.i like and love this game.enter today,everyday until i win.no matter what happened still here kicking and breathing.good luck and god bless you all.i dont want to lose hope+faith=belief the light welcome my dreams come true is in publihers clearing house.

  7. My favorite way to start my day of entering the PCH sweepstakes is by looking at the videos of the past winners. I call that my motivational tool to keep me excited that one day I too would be up there sharing my story of keeping my spirits up and never giving up. It hailed down here in Georgia yesterday with a strong gust of wind followed by heavy rain and I am so waiting for the tides to change. Im not ashamed to say that due to the cold weather I haven’t been exercising and I have packed on a few extra lbs so I cant wait to get outside and get in shape and lose some weight. Taking my kids to the park hearing them laugh and play. I also like lazy days just sitting on the
    swing ,drinking some lemonade and reading a good book.

  8. Hi! Okay I’m pretty economical, so Spring activities are gardening, get to eat the tomatoes..ect and fishing, yes get to eat the fish, and PCH if I win BIG then I would have alot more Spring activities… until then I enjoy the latter. I enjoy entering all that will give me entries for the BIG prizes…though lately my time seems to be quite short for these, I still do what I can. So Happy Spring…60s today and getting cooler during the week..again:)