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  1. October 24-2013 at 12 11:34 pm oiwas save and spend especially if wants if want a home…. and definitey pa off add your comment here? Claudia olivas I Want botth prioes I do not want anyone ereplaying this games this games are mine aud I lay them eueny day to th to win prize aw I approued for the dishey land uacation if so when can I go and how many people can I take wihe me,, please let me lunow

  2. Good morning Dave How you doing you sure get around don’t forget to eat your Wheaties you need your strength to carry that big check I’ve been waiting for you todd and Danielle don’t let me down see you guys soon what pch you keep on going and going and going your all. Good people can’t wait too met you maybe. I fell like I know you all as much as I’ve text you. All crazy that’s me! !

  3. Dear Dave I have been playig prize patrol slots and it seem yhat thy are taking more thanthey should I have been useing a calculater and things do not add up please check for me OKay

    Thank you so much

    Ben Long

  4. hi pch friend.. I am a bit confused… on the whole search and win thing… I get on and it says that I need to search something but I understand what I have to search. I was also wondering something must be wrong with my account I know my password has always been the same… my date of birth… I was also wondering if whenever I recommend people to play pch do they have just as much of a chance to win… I was also wondering are you guys ever going to update your games maybe add some new ones I have already played them so much… I have been playing since 2010 and I have yet to win a prize.. I am very devoted and have faith that I will win.. hopefully… soon maybe I am just not understanding the rules of th game so can you please maybe can someone explain them to me clearly… thank you so much please get back to me asap. thanks once again.. remember me pls… god bless everyone from pch… during this holy week

    1. Hi Claudia, PCH Search&Win is just like Google or Yahoo, except that you have the chance to win a prize while you search! You can search for anything! Your search type doesn’t impact your chances of winning a prize. Winners are picked randomly. Every day a bunch of winning times are chosen (usually several per hour) and the first person to search after a winning time wins.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  5. Hi Dave! I just know I have the winning number !
    Can’t wait for u to pull up!
    Dreams please come true!