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  1. Sure would be nice to win of course, specially now that Ihave to support my son and grandson, son lost his with Amazon and did not fine another one yet.

    Of couse I hope I will win, I have played your games and all, replyed to all your e-mail and mail.

    I would be a world of dream, when you never had much in your life and something like that would happened, it would be awsome.Will thank you for the chane to play and maybe winning..
    God bless

    Christiane Bynum

  2. I have made a comment already but since I am not so smart with computer I should have done this yesthurday it was also my birthday.

    It would be a miracle if I was to win, I have work with purchaseclearinghouse for so long, I have made purchase but cannot this time my son has lost his job with Amazon due to reduction of force and i am having to pay for his full support including his son of 13 years old.

    My God tells me to beleive in miracle I guess it is all up to him to make the miracle or the kindness of people. What ever it will be it will be and will have to make the best of it.

    Thank you

    God bless

    Chritiane Bynum

  3. Sure would it great if I was to win my son that lost his Job with Amazon I would not have to be support him and his son of 13 year old. It would be a miracle to win so many people searching the web, this is the first time since I have being corresponding with Publishersclearinghouse, I am not smart enough to use computer and it is by accident that I look into past number one inthe url.

    Thank you so much

    God bless

    Christiane Bynum

  4. Hi.im Tami i can use the money , to find a place to stay so because everyday looking day im really need a place ! Help me

  5. I truly could use the money, my husband needs a kidney so bad I can no longer work the insurance is so high I really don’t know how I can do it. I’m on line every day praying that my name would be a winner. I’m praying every day as well as others. I pray that my husband can hold out until His heart get a little stronger so he can get a kidney transplant For eight years I’ve been trying to win with no drivel. I really love my husband and pray He will be with me a little longer. May GOD Bless you all.

  6. I could use that $ to help my dad as he has a very week heart. An help to put my daughter to rest. As she. Passaway. On the 10 of April 2013. Her name was Nicole Franklin. Thank. You.