What Would You Do With $1 Million Every Year For Life?

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Who knows? That April 30th winner could turn out to be YOU! How exciting is that?

Imagine if you really did win $1 Million Every Year for life. What would you do? Would you… Go on your dream vacation EVERY YEAR? Would you drive around in a brand spankin’ new car, EVERY YEAR? Attend the most exclusive events, EVERY YEAR? Pass money down to your kids, EVERY YEAR? The opportunities are endless!

Jeez. Come to think of it, I can’t even begin to think what I’d do with all that money. So check this out…

I decided to take a walk around PCH Headquarters and see if my fellow co-workers would help me out. Let’s find out what they would do if they had $1 Million coming to them each and every year for the rest of their life.

Here’s what they said…

[tube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FWhGgvi4JY[/tube]

Wow…donate to charity, build their own house (out of cash!), take a vacation for LIFE…those are some really great answers.

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Good Luck to YOU!

Matt S.

PCH Creative

P.S. Tell us what YOU would do with all that money coming to YOU! Comment below and let us know!

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  1. It would be so great and healthy to get the $1 Million every year! For getting would be so great! Because I am 58 years old, and my brain is not good for words, but if I can get the moneys then I can go to the doctor here who is good to have my brain be good for doing words! And it would be great for me to get a car, and also then I would love to do lots of helping for elderly peoples!
    Thanks so much from PCH!

  2. I would take it easy for the rest of my life and help everyone I could. Ahhhhhhh one could dream! Come to Warrior Alabama and make our dreams come true!!

  3. The winner of Million Dollars a year for life would be a big Deal so i would first pay all i bill and the do the same for family and for others ,donate to charits and then plan a great vacation for all of our family members so we could spend some time together i would love that …the the next yr open my own restaurant ..called Out of the Blue

  4. LOL… This is not a joke! 🙂
    Love the thought! I would definately waste no more time. Yup, set up trust funds for grandkids..
    Help my son and daughters and my brother, Robert get their own homes.
    Get the best medical care for Rod and I and my children! Buy new cars for them and whatever my husband wants!
    Pay off and keep this house. Build a spacious house somewhere peaceful and beautiful with a guest wing. Lots of property so I could buy a couple of fantastic horses!Hire property maintenance.
    I would take a vacation every single year for as long as I could.
    Buy tickets to theatricles.
    Of course, GIVE to charities and ~invest~ in God’s kingdom…
    PHEW!!! WOW… the thought is so mindblowing. 😀

  5. Was it Matt the dude that was interviewing the staff at PCH, nice answers you got!!!
    Of all of them I liked Ms. Deborah Holland the best (answer) they are so honest and real! Although, I did like the rest of the staff opinions but Ms. Holland’s seemed to make more sense to me?…and..yeah!..honestly, that’s what I would do too! Plus give to charity. I also would like to go back to school, the courses that I want to take cost about $300. each and right now I do not even have that much, and if I would I would rather pay for bills or give to my kids to help them with expenses, too.

  6. My life will be wonderful…I will have the chance to pay it forward…I can set up trust funds for my 7 great grandchildren…I can donate to my three favorite charities…I can take a much needed vacation and also go to a dentist (it has been a very very long time)….I can tithe to the church and I can enjoy helping other people…what a great life it will be. All my debts will be paid off and I will no longer have to worry about collections. A million a year for life will be the greatest thing in my life next to knowing JESUS….

  7. when i win the first thing that i would do is pay off all my deits and help all my family and anyone else that needs help and get a better house to live in and go on vac

  8. First and formost Look for my kids donate to charities of My choice buy a home and a car then help a few friends out of my choosing 🙂

  9. Wow! I would cry first of all. Tears of happiness! But yeah, if I won, I’d pay off my my car loan, house loan, and business loan. Before i get too crazy and do other things with my money, I’d open up a savings and invest 1/4 my money each year. I’d give money to charities and the cancer research centers. I will help buy in people to my business opportunities. Every last week of the month I will take my family (I’m a single man by the way) to resorts cause we deserve it. Hopefully I find that right woman and take her as well. I will go to random restaurants and tip the waiter or waitress $200. I will build a 4000sqft house on a land that my family purchased down in OK and I will also build a 15000sqft log house for a family resort in a moutainish land somewhere down south. There so many other things. Can’t list then all. Lol