Big Check From PCH Stuns Nevada Man — And His Bank

4_4_Welcome to Nevada

March 26, 2013 is a day that Greg Garcia of Sparks, Nevada will never forget.  He was resting up for his late-shift job while his girlfriend Sarah, her mother Rhoda and the TV kept him company in his cozy apartment.   All of a sudden there was an unexpected knock on the door – which he opened to find (ta-dah!!) the Prize Patrol from Publishers Clearing House!  While Greg could only smile in amazement, screams of “Greg! Greg! I don’t believe this!” gushed forth from those inside.

We presented Greg with roses, balloons AND a Big Check – for $15,000.00!   Like most winners, he was almost speechless, but did manage a few “Wows” and “Thanks!”

4_4_Big Check and Greg Garcia

Then it was time for me to hand over the real check — which was only a fraction of the Big Check’s physical size although the dollar amount was the same.  Alas, there was a small problem: there was a typographical error on the real check’s “Payable to …” line.  Would the bank cash it? Or would PCH Headquarters have to issue a new check – thereby delaying Greg’s ability to rejoice with crisp new bills in his pocket?  There was only one way to find out.

Off Greg went to his local bank – with the Big Check, the real check, the Prize Patrol and official paperwork in hand to show that this prize award was real.  The bank employees and the manager were excited to see us and had to admit they had never seen anything like this before.  Sure they had seen PCH “winning moments” on TV.  But a winner bringing a Big [cardboard] Check from PCH to their bank?  That was a first – and an amazing one at that.  Like so many folks we’ve met before, they weren’t sure that those Prize Patrol awards they’d seen on TV were 100% authentic.  Well, now they know: they are.  And, happily for Greg, the manager approved the real check for immediate processing, so the celebration could begin.

 4_4_PCH Winner Greg Garcia and girlfriend

The Big Check is the ceremonial centerpiece of our prize presentations, and most wind up framed on our winners’ walls.  But, of course, it’s the real checks worth thousands, even millions of dollars that make the real difference, that turn an average humdrum working day into a day never to be forgotten.

How would you like to march into a bank, bypass the ATM and stand before a teller with a Big Check and a real check and announce “Look what happened to me! Look what I just won from Publishers Clearing House!”  If this sounds like something you’d love to experience, I urge you to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at today and every day.  If it happened for Greg it can happen for you.

Wishing you the best of luck.


Dave Sayer PCH

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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  1. I too have been entering the PCH sweepstakes, never to win, always hoping like all the rest that someday!!

  2. Good Morning, Mr. Sayer. I was almost scammed. This male called from VA (with an African accent saying I had won $8,000.000 certified check, $25,000 in cash and a new car. I was to stop at Walmart and wire transfer
    $500.00 to ship the car. They would pay for 99% of tax’s. So, on my way to Walmart (past by it) I called
    PCH and a very professional man told me “Winners are only notified in person or by mail. My husband
    was just rushed to the hospital and I was telling Elaina that I was quite vulnerable. Mr. John Sloan just called
    and I told him to send the certified check in the mail, then we could talk about the transfer, I then hung up. He hasn’t called back. I Thank God I had some marbles left to realize it was a scam. I wanted to Thank PCH
    for answering all my questions. I just pray some innocent person doesn’t grab the bait. How do these morons sleep at night?

  3. My father-in-law, Rober Love has been playing since 1972. He has ordered regularly and hasn’t won as much as $10.00. I too wondered if this was real or if PCH was just getting people to buy their stuff giving them hopes of winning.
    Hope I’m wrong.

  4. Wow, congrats to all winners. I received a $10.00 check today in the mail and I am grateful!! It’s fun and entertaining with so many games to choose from ! I play all time and hope to win big..its like playing the lottery taking that chance…but having fun in the process!! Thanks PCH!!

  5. Ok, I’ve been entering PCH for several decades. I’m thinking it IS MY TURN TO WIN THE $5,000.00 a week for life, with option to receive $250,000.00 a year for life and select someone to continue to collect after I croak! 😂 Also winning the 2017 Lincoln MKX,platinum white PLEASE. I’ll be expecting to hear a knock on my door on February 24, 2017 and open to see the PCH PRIZE PATROL standing there with balloons, roses, keys to my MKX & my first $250,000.00 check. Since I live in a small town, my address is easy to find. I’m looking forward to seeing y’all. 😃😃

  6. My name is Lorraine Stacey from Ft Wayne, Indiana. I received a letter with your name PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE sprawled across top. Said I won 6 million & a car.. They used YOUR exact name(David Sayer) & one other. I tried to get all the info I could so perhaps someone could trace them down. I called police dept all they said was it happens all the time. Called postal depts & they said they would send out paperwork but I never received anything after waiting. Doesnt anyone care whats going on big time here? I guess I wrongfully assumed there was a watch frog for any big national entity. Only reason I suspected was I’ve gotten taken buying a car on Ebay & was ripped off of $5000.00. THEY didnt even have a govt overseer which I could not even imagine. So now I dont trust anything or anyone anymore. So if anyone could use the info they can contact me by phone only… cause I am NOT a computer person….I usually have help. They put up a email for me but I seldom get on computer thats why there are 96,000 emails on there…I just dont have time &not enough time to get someone to teach me. Im just trying to eek by & earn a living,,,,so call if you think it would help. Thanks, Lorraine

  7. Would PCH use a facilitation company named Marubeni Transport Services of Long Beach Calif to facilitate delivery of any reward?..or does the name Paul Benteen @ 646-308-1715 sound like an a PCH authorized agent to facilitate an award…Thanks

    1. That is a letter my friend received also. I would like to know if he is being scammed so we can contact the authorities.