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  1. Hi, Love to meet some of the PCH Staff. Since I often seem to see Debbie Holland’s name on many of the Bullletins at least now I know what she looks like….WOW! Well, seriously now; I have had a couple of problems in having been delivered the wrong requested item. I have even sent Deborah a brief note…well. I know how busy you must be…and perhaps that’s why I had never received an acknowledgement and I am still waiting. In point of fact the item I ordered has been delivered again only yesterday for the second time and I am unable to return it again until I can have a quick word with you over the phone or even an email. This item is promised to my niece as a Wedding Gift and as soon as I receive the correct one I must get it to the Post Office to send away to Europe. Awaiting to hear from you I thank you sincerely..Joe