A Million Dollars A Year For Life…A Dream Come True!

Hello PCH fans!

A few nights ago, I grabbed Chinese takeout for Scott and me. I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts of ordering Chinese is getting to the fortune cookie. Here’s what my fortune said:

4_15_Fortune Cookie

I think this fortune was a little late! My dreams already DID come true almost five years ago when the Prize Patrol handed me a big check with my name on it! Winning a million dollars really changed my life. I was able to reduce the number of jobs I worked, we demolished our debt, and if you remember from one of my previous blogs, we finally built our dream home.

Well, very soon someone else’s dream may become a reality. How you ask? You know how! Publishers Clearing House has A Million Dollars A Year For LIFE up for grabs!

A Million. A Year. For Life.

The possibility of such a prize boggles the mind, doesn’t it? I thought I was overwhelmed when Dave turned around the check and showed me that I had won the $1Million SuperPrize. Just imagine what my reaction would have been had the words “A Year For Life” had appeared underneath my name!

The possibilities would have jumped by leaps and bounds! Let’s see… maybe we’d have our current home and another vacation home. Maybe we’d travel to a new country twice a year. Maybe we’d start a charitable foundation to help traditional and non-traditional students with college costs.

But nevermind me. YOU have a chance to enter to win! The April 30th SuperPrize Event is just around the corner. So enter every single way you can, including on pch.com and PCHSearch&Win!

Get your daily entries in, then be sure to comment below and tell us what YOU would do if you won A Million Dollars A Year For Life? And don’t forget to ‘friend’ me on Facebook at “Natalie Bostleman” and/or ‘follow’ me on Twitter @NatalieatPCH.

May YOUR dreams come true!

Natalie Bostelman 
2008 SuperPrize Winner
PCH Goodwill Ambassador

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  1. Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for sharing.

    Dreams do come true and I am looking forward for my dream of winning the Publishers Clearing House to come true.

    Come on April 30th

  2. I want to win so bad i can taste it, when i win i plan on building my dream home and actually start to live my life and help those who truely need it.

  3. A Million a Year for life? Words wouldn’t be able to explain what that would mean and how many people it would be able to help :/ don’t really wanna think about it to much but the wins would be a blessing. I would go to many Church’s that are in very bad conditions and offer my offerings to remodel them, new seats, bibles for everyone to read, new equipment and aid for the family’s that have hardly anything to eat. I would rather go days without eating then to see little children struggle, parents pawning there wedding rings for food its just really sad. It’s a million a year for life! we don’t need that much money to live well, why not share it and as for me i don’t need much just a home to house my family and a car for everyone and maybe buy cars for other familys that need them. it wouldn’t hurt me as much.. its a million a year for life.. just like at the ending of the movie of Mr. Deeds when he buys everyone cars.
    Good luck and God bless everyone

  4. 1 mil for life! I would be making a ton of people’s dreams come true! Donations to so many places, homes for so many people, debt free friends and family, just so many things!

  5. To Dream is to live! Never stop dreaming! And…Enter, Enter, Enter ! Thanks for all the chances! Great read Natalie !

    PCH Super Fan #1

  6. If I won the $1,000,000.00 a year for life.WOWWEE!The possibilities are endless.For starters,I also have a dream house,A bouse on a lake with scenic views,a calming waterfall, or located in which I see in the distant the city lights.WOWWEE!Help my son with his college cost,help a others realize their college dreams.Help my family members,we are a close net group.Help my church,my pastor does alot for the homeless.I do want to help people by giving them a fresh start, so they can better their lives,it only takes one person to get the ball rolling in positive directions,and than others will follow,so I want to get some good things started,I want to be free and enjoy!

  7. Hi! My dream plan is toooo long for a blog. Just say college paid for kids, houses paid for kids, hubbys dream truck, hubbys’ retirement(again), traveling and oh yes my dream home. I would love to go shopping and buy, without looking at a price first..and buy it, just because I wanted it. I often wonder if I could actually do it..I guess it would just be another lesson to learn! With a prize that large we could be financial taken care of, ensure my kids were, and contribute to some great organizations for the elderly, and disabled veterans.. I also love the idea of helping with the cost of college, maybe a few..don’t worry about the bill, it’s been taken care of..those things are priceless and only attainable with a win of this size..it keeps on going…and so does my dreaming!

  8. Thank you Natalie for an EXCELLENT post! I enjoyed reading this! There is so much I could do with the winning that the possibilites are endless! May my dreams come true soon!! 🙂

  9. I truly can not wait until my PCH crew come knocking at my door! Talk about dream come true… it surely will be. I’m waiting pch… I have been a fan for many years!!!! 🙂