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  1. Thanks PCH for the opportunity and prayerfully what will be a celebratory event for my family and myself.

  2. I know heavenly Father is aware of my problems and through him all things are possible. I really hope the Prize Patrol comes to my house.

  3. I know this is life changing…..I really hope that PCH comes to me!!!! Toooooooo excited!!!! Todd. ..a kiss on the cheek is all yours when I see you!!!! 😉

  4. 😀 A Very G’Day To ALL @ PCH!

    A Quick Rhyme 4 U Folks…

    🙂 Am On The Very Edge Of My Chair, Waiting To See Todd Sloan…I Sent In Some Questions And Hope To Hear Back, And See What Prize I Take Home! 🙂

    ::D Warm Regards, Joye H. ^_^

  5. If any one ever does win from this list thats blogging please bless each and everyone on this site with a money blessing that would be wonderful blessings to all

  6. I had a dream of Dave Sayer and the prize patrol coming to my apt and i seen dave Sayers eyes had eye contact thinking wow i am a winner this is true I had the elated feelings I hope and pray my dream was precognitive and this dream comes true I am thankful and grateful today and pray that I do see Dave Sayer with that Wonderful check here in California waiting,hoping,with my fingers crossed let it be me amen

  7. PCH, the bible says ” god takes care of widows and orphanhs” I am a widow with 5 children and I pray in the name of Jesus that this is my chance of a life time. I have an 18 year old ready and waiting to go to college in september of this year. He is very athletic in football and basketball and had lousy people drop the ball to getting him schlorships and i dont know how i will pay. he is a good kid and deserves to go. Maybe he will. By Gods grace and favor !