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  1. Just would like to say thanks for making so many dreams come true!! i am waiting patiently for my turn.. Fingers crossed(Maybe April 30th)will be my turn. Smiles sent o everyone at PCH!!!GOD Bless you guyz.Darlington, SC waiting patiently to see that Van and big Check… 😉

  2. Just wanted to say I’m ready for the “Big Check” hope to see you on April 30th, 2013. I got my fingers crossed…

  3. Looking forward to April 30th. I hope I win. I know everyone entered wants to and it would be a blessing to whom every wins. I know that if I win, I’ll be buying a new Log Cabin and doing what I can to help the community, without it being an handout, but rather a hand up. May good fortune follow us all, Good Luck!!

  4. I will be looking forward to seeing whoever wins this “Million $ a Year for Life” prize spectacular event! All I can say is I have my name in the hat…..now it’s the luck of the draw!

  5. Thanks pch for letting. me know that valuable piece of info. Well with that been said…….good luck everyone who has entered the sweepstakes and for the person who wins………. congratulations……;-)

  6. Good Luck everyone!! and PCH, that was A great live video chat! I hope you do it again! but maybe without the difficulties :), either way, I enjoyed it! Hope to see you guys in person come April 30th! Wish me luck everyone I need it right now! 🙂 Thank you all! Sorry to keep it short but I have to get back to entering my sweepstakes!