Just-Breaking Prize Update For April 30th SuperPrize Event!

Hi PCH fans!

Watch my video below for a just-breaking prize update about our upcoming April 30th SuperPrize Event!


So, as I mentioned, we just took a Special Early Look for our April 30th SuperPrize Event winner. Unfortunately, there was no matching number winner. But the good news is, the PCH Prize Patrol will still be awarding a really Big Check on April 30th. For how much? An incredible ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

WOW! I’m SO excited that the Prize Patrol still gets to award someone with a Big Check – especially one for a MILLION DOLLARS! That’s a TON of money, and I know it will really change someone’s life. I mean someone could pay off all their bills, buy their dream home, set up savings for their children or grandchildren…the possibilities are amazing! I’m just SO excited for all of you and can’t wait to find out who the big winner is and where the Prize Patrol will be heading on Tuesday!

So comment below and let me know who else is as excited about April 30th as I am…let me know who else is crossing their fingers and wishing on their lucky stars that the Prize Patrol will be heading to their hometown on Tuesday! The more comments I see, the more excited I get…so please keep those comments coming!!!!

Best of luck everyone! I’ll be wishing on MY lucky stars for all of you 🙂

Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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  1. Just wondering about the short list, ? Can you explain how that works for april 30th prize please. And tell me when to expect my letter. Thanks

    1. Hi Susie, the short list is a list of 211 people who receive a letter from PCH notifying them that they have won at least a $1,000.00 prize. The April 30th prize does not have a short list. Please visit http://www.pch.com for more winning opportunities.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  2. I am so excited to get this chance to change my life financially. I would love to be able to pay my bills in full and not have to worry about trying to make ends meet. This would be such a blessing.

  3. This really would make my dreams come true ..i having my second baby and things have been tight..I hope prize Patrol comes to Las Vegas ill keep my fingers crossed…i love pch sweepstakes

  4. One million would definitely help take care of family; a new home , pay some bills, help some friends and felines!

  5. Well then I hope that person is me!!!A Million dollars could and
    Would do alot for me!I would help out my Parents and Brother and Sister!!!And Relatives.If I receive the 1 Million dollars PCH Prize Check I would go to Las Vegas to celebrate!!!And seeing you Danielle Lam would truly make my day!!! So,I hope to also see Dave Sayer and Todd Sloane as well but especially you Danielle Lam!!!You are a beautiful lady!!! Mr.David Faas Duluth,Minnesota

  6. No matter , a million is still a lot of money. I’m sure it will change any ones life. I know how much it would change mine. I’m looking for you in Georgia on April 30. See you then.

  7. Wow one million that is so cool, and I got to watch your video, you look beautiful….my goodness one million a chance,still,wow, being a bargain queen mom that’s eternity money, how exciting, hope to see you in Missouri.

  8. I don’t even feel well done: more like over cooked: probably burnt out… but done..
    Even Elliot doesn’t make me smile any more…
    Just tired… going to bed…
    Later to all PCH busy bees. Have a great weekend…

    1. Well it is what it is. I just pray and hope that the prize patrol show up on my doorstep. I’ll be home that day waiting. God bless and good luck everybody.

  9. Okay, I will take the million. I am a juggernaut now on PCH Games. This month alone I have moved up 2,801 spots this month alone and over 8,500 spots in all time tokens since December. I hope PCH is paying attention. Been entering sweepstakes since 1992 and ordered merchandise when asked to and now I am #7,869 in all time tokens….GO JAY GO!!