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  1. I don’t come in here as often as I used to. I’m still entering the sweepstake but not searching for the blog. I called PCH AND WAS TOLD THIS WAS NOT NECESSARY AS ALL PCH IS ASKING IS JUST TO SEARCH. I’m smiling at you too but actually the muscles of my face would hurt from smiling more had I won. Why Ms. A tee are you rubbing it in??? We all saw the results! I don’t come to the blog everyday but maybe 3 times once a day during the week. On top of all you’ve won you also want the pens? So tell all of us can you now afford a MATT BLANC? Or do you know what it is? For the rest of you keep hoping and praying that God knows and grants those that needs this because they believe in him. Have a blessed day.

  2. For years I have played pch, first I did it threw the mail then I started doing it online. My family say I’m crazy they say I will never win. I tell them well if I don’t win I want be disappointed, why cause I never had it in the first place. My life has been a struggle, so if all I have to do is search to win what I’m I losing. I figure one day it will be my time. I’m just a mississippi girl with big dream.


    1. I am same like u I do agree to what u say god will always hear our prays keep Hope
      and faith alive From oscar dsouza update Ny .

  3. Hey, I am good for laughs laugh if you ever need me, that’s the point PCH won’t. You guys are great. I kinda get the vib of YOUR work atmosphere by all I read and SEARCH&WIN< Kep up the fun!
    Hey Mr.Collins or Mr. Garza who's going to win the May 29TH GWY # 2764? I hope it is my family! lol

  4. Listen PCH I am having such a good time following my dream to feed the hungry in the US. I was so amazed to see My cookies posted “feed Hungey”. You guys are something else! I bet you guys just laugh all day at the cool stuff you guys get to do to make us also, THINK! Thank you, and I’m still laughing! See you soon, it;s my dream, and dreams do come true!@

  5. I hope that I win because I’m financially struggling and a single mother of a beautiful 1 year old boy. My credit is messed up because I’m a victim of identity thefy and of student loans. I have family that can help me out financially, but they don’t care that I’m broke with no job, no stable place to live with a young child. Honestly, my family just secretly laugh at my struggle but when they talk to me they say “things will get better”. I’m so tired of living off the government benefits. I pray I win so that I can go back to college and provide a better life for my son and myself. I will continue to enter into PCH in hopes that one day my dreams would become reality. Good Luck to everyone!