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  1. Rock on I say Rock on Danielle. I am so hoping it’s gonna be my door you knock on!! I’ve never won a single thing practically my whole life,

  2. I love playing my pch games. I await my turn to win anything from pch. It would be an honor. PCH has been doing this for a long time. I can’t wait to hopefully meet Danielle, Todd and Dave!

  3. When I win the pch sweepstakes I’ll pay my tithes and offerings.take care of my family,friends,and go into business.GOd bless ya

  4. if i won i would pull my family out of debt and get us our own house and finally be able to keep food on the table and the heater on without having to worry if we will eat tomoro i would also help my community and those in need

  5. I want to finalize and register my pch 4900 And 4950 and 6900If I would win. I would uy 2 new electric wheelchair for my husband and I. Then ..maybe help salteds to feed and, give the homeless good food and find a shelter and make it bigger. So the homeless and v a have a place