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  1. I really need the money for my grandkids that live with me to give them a nice place to stay nice dependable car or truck every thing they need for school they are 4 6 year old 19 month old baby be able to leave my kids something when I’m gone.

  2. If I won $10,000.00 I could pay off my 13 yr old car and clear all my other bills, then take my family out to a fine restaurant and celebrate in our beautiful USA.
    I am 80 yrs old and would love to hire someone to clean my house on the inside. To do the things I cannot do. May God Bless all of us. Keep our country safe.

  3. I will be so appreciative and give GOD all glory for Pubishers Clearing House giving so many people joy in the midst of their hardships!!! I personally will help many with gifts of love…
    Merilyn J Anderson