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  1. I know a wonderful Mexican eatery that we could take you to for Cinco De Mayo… just sayin… Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Hi Prize Patrol first I want to say Happy 60th Anniversary and I hope to meet you all one day I know I’m a little late bit right now is a trying time for me with my mom I just want you all to know I’m in it to win it I’m try in my best under the circumstances I really just want you all to know that I do want to win and l Dave’s says a winner never quits

  3. I could do so much good with this money & I could get out of debt. GOD BLESS PCH…………….

  4. I love Millions lots and lots of green money I wish I can when prize 1830 or 31 or any other numbers

  5. YES! MY DEAR PCH PRIZE PATROL, YES! I DO WANT TO BE THE NEXT WINNER, I am going to be a blessing to a lot of people,then remodeling the house, pay the rest of money to the bank i due for the house, buy car for my daugther and chance my transportation bless PCH.
    please not tell my yu are the next winnner and yu not due