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  1. Hi Kids…. it’s me again… lol
    Just a note to say have a wonderful day and hope to meet you soon!!!

  2. Thank you PCH for letting me join, moving on if I was to win this grand prize on June 30 I would first give me thanks to -GOD- in give both of my CHURCH home’s a nice check to go towards repairs. Then I would try and open a business for me in my family in pray it be successful, God thank you for everything you willing to do for me in my family love ya.

  3. Wounderful to those whom seen that check going to their door; I am hoping to have the some chane for two reason. one, if i win house it will be great for my four children to grown up in happy place. two, if there will be a chane for a Million or more will promote the non profit organization call Southern Sudan orphans/widows that i just started sell it to the people of heart to help children and widows of longe civil war of Sudan.

  4. Merlyn Rosenberg,
    May 7, 2013 1:30 p.m.
    I am praying that I win. I am on the last 1/4 of my life and I would like to know that my grand children and great grandchildren have a place to live where they are free of rent so they do not get constantly evicted for lack of paying a monthly rent.
    After I take care of them, I would like to be able to have the peace of mind to travel around the world.
    I feel that I will win. I truly believe in Publisher’s Clearing house. When that truck drives up to my house and someone knocks on my door, I hope I don’t have a heart attack and ever collect. Thank you for considering me.

  5. i would love to win. im a 2x cancer survivor,, and the money would give me the freedom i need to see the world. in a very different light,, hope to see you at my door linda120lee thank you!!!

  6. I would love to win $1 million plus $5,000 every week for life, please come to Oak Ridge, TN! If I can’t win I hope someone that would really needs the money wins. I love hearing and watching about people that are having hard times win money to help them out.