Congratulations To Our Newest PCH Blog Prize Winners!

Hi PCH friends! I’m so excited to reveal our newest PCH Blog Prize Winners. Publishers Clearing House is all about winning ― even on the PCH blog! And awesome blog prize opportunities are just another reason you should check it out every day!
You see, on April 30th, the Prize Patrol was on the road in search of the newest Publishers Clearing House Millionaire. Meanwhile, our blog readers from all over the country were getting chances to win $100 Cash, just for commenting on Amanda’s post that day. We were overwhelmed by all the enthusiastic responses we received  ― over 1,500! Thank you to everyone who took a moment to comment!

Now, I’m so excited to finally announce the lucky PCH Blog Prize Winners:

Holly M. of Maryland

Jacquelyn S. of Virginia

Jessica H. of South Carolina

PCH Blog Prize Winners

Thank you so much! I am so happy!” Holly exclaimed when she heard the news that she’d won $100.00 at the PCH blog.

But that’s not all! We have more blog prize winners to reveal! Yes, on April 16th, Danielle posted a blog announcing PCH’s first-ever live chat on Todd’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page.  In this post, she invited our PCH friends to post questions for the Prize Patrol to answer during the chat. And, she disclosed that anyone who commented that day would get entered to win an Official Prize Patrol T-shirt!

The lucky winners also got a shout-out from Danielle and Todd during the live chat. They are:

Teri C. of Pennsylvania

James W. of South Carolina

Lisa R. of Alabama

Debbie T.

Teri O. of California

Not only did they receive an attractive Prize Patrol T-shirt, they also scored a Publishers Clearing House pen and a photo of the Prize Patrol autographed by Danielle. Wow!

PCHBlog T-shirt

Friends, please make sure you keep reading the PCH blog! We promise more blog prize opportunities in the future! Plus, it’s the best place to get all your PCH news and important PCH Prize Updates!


Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative


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