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  1. HI,Im Berta,old-fashtion name,anyway I wanted to say,Iv been with pch for along time.My kids are now grown,but I remember when they were small,I sat down and devoted what time I could to my one and only dream,too win anything,so I could help us ,and those that needed some help aswell,one thing Ithink Im doing wrong is thinking of us First!!If God is willing that I may win,my first thing to do ,Help Someone First!!! Hopes, and wishes,and big,big dreames. Berta Fox,Rockport,tx Please send postcard,have know URL num.???

  2. well i hope i win for the first time in my life it be so nice to be a winnner for once in your life time since i staff infection and al most die in a 5years time it be nice to have somethen good come to me in my life time may GOD will bring the ANGELS of the PCH to my front door and i can be the happyest man in the world to see the ANGELS of the PCH come here may GOD bless all and all of you good luck and maybe my luck has change and i will be a winner for the first time in my life GOD bless love william merrill

  3. Hi Gary, please make sure that you are entering the link into the URL bar, to the left of the search bar on your browser.