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  1. I will like to win the Publishers Clearing House contacts but unfortunately Publishers Clearing House is not working with me I have everything I have done everything like it tells me to do but unfortunately its not working I tried to send a email to Publix Clearing House but they don’t answer back and I have tried to do everything right are working on a mobile device and I’m not smart using it I am a rookie so I cannot do everything you ask me to do cause I do not know some of these things Bihar part is trying to find something you can’t find it remember when you do find it you can enter

  2. i have no clue how to get my winners selection number. duh. i am starting to get tired of wasting and hour a day trying to win or at least play the game.

  3. My activation code us PC623, beleive me we need to get some money to help my baby daughter, (50) she was just diagonised with cancer lung and had emerg. surg. last 2 weeks ago. the lung has a huge mass on it, she has no income at all and her cleaning business must shut down do not think she will ever be able to return to work, meanwhile the bills keep on pileing up. This could be an answer to prayers.

  4. Iv sent my gvwy 1830 and my redgister number LP999 in,but yall keep telling me to keep doing it,am I wrong on my info.???Anyway,I did want to think the person or persons that thought of this 60 years ago,the thought of helping one ,and being able to help one,even when one isn’t able,is the gratest feeling one could have!!!!!!!!! My feelings.Berta

    1. Hi Berta, if you’ve entered online, your entry will be given a number after it is processed. Please be assured that if you have seen an entry confirmation message on the screen that your entry has been processed properly. If you enter by returning a mailer, your entry number will be marked on that mailer. You can enter once a day. Winners are chosen completely at random so it’s just as much of a surprise for us as it is for you! Every entry is a new chance to win so don’t lose hope!

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  5. My number # 1830, I hope I win. My win will not just be for me but a lot of people that really need financial help. I’m unemployed and I will share as much as I can. Hurting is a bad thing.