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  1. I enjoy the moment!!!1400 10 million dollars as well as 1830
    for life. I thank You so much and Pray the best the we all
    will win in the right spirit…
    Thanks Tony Gallant

  2. Activate pch1830″forever”5,000.00 on August 29th? lead to SW429 new ID#0214626113 and PC512 code!!!

  3. pch#1830 winner of 1 million lum sum plus 5,000.00 a wk forever aug 29th new code SW429 NEW ID#02146261132 LINDA120LEE

  4. I would like to win so I could help out our church families who are in need. single mother’s and out of work father’s and mother’s. Plus Help the Church more with the finances needed to teach children morals and Godly living..