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  1. when i open the pch link to act now and then i complete the process and other open i found there activation code and act now for the implement then i click to the same stamp but on the other page i found it ,

    activation code ?????
    as i open the mail and process execute accordingly then i don’t understand why the special code will not appear ,

    is it mean my entry will not include in the draw so i am un happy for this time .
    although i have a wish to see until my code before the draw but still waiting for the special code .please issue me the activation code ,i know this is time for your rest but after the some time i could not able to apply my code ,because the time will be over as in the message written so how can i complete the process please tell me ,

  2. oh my God ,i don’t find my activation code in this page if i am wrong from the previous entry i see only # ?????
    but there is no activation code and time is running toward the end what can i do please help me