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  1. You know something PCH, Everytime I play Bingo I get 5 letters and after I get those 5 letters I never go past that piont with any more letters. Point is this. Whenever I get those 5 letters, two things happen or never happen, depends on how you want to look at it. I never get any more new letters. I always get duplicate letters of the ones that I have already gotten. ANd for the 6ixth time I have a cleared Jackpot panel waiting for my new letters to be called and I’m willing to say that I will get 5 more letters without getting a dupicate letter called until I get 5 new letters. But the one that that will be sure to happen is this, I will always have to listen to 30 second advertisements wasting my time and boring the Heck out of me. If you took into concideration that we don’t want to listen to these ads we might buy more products. You go way overboard with these ads and it ruins the experience.

  2. PCH,
    Plain and simple PCH, wh y do you make this such a difficult process? I mean between the online game and advertisments that we have to endure and then the snail mail that come to the house that we have to go through. Why do you make it so difficult for us to have to find out where we have to activate the activation code. there are 5o pages we have to shuffle through. I mean as of right now I get a message that says my activation code is no longer valid and it just makes it seem as though it is a waste of our time, could you please explain this to me so that I understand what you expect us to do in here?