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  1. I wold like to activate Giveaway no. 1830 and C23 to win$1Million plus $5,000.00 Every week for Life on JuNE 30th and giveaway no.2764 for 100,000.00 and giveaway no.2765 FO $15,000.00 I really want win I’m praying the Prize Patol comes to my door

  2. How can it. Be someone else has the same ticket number….?? I tried every way to enter siccessful and been received a ticket number now I get on this and I see that my ticket number is as well someone else’s ticket number how?? Crystal Johnson please contact me ASAP whenever you read this because I am NOT understanding if my entry is accurate or invalid I pray valid. I spend a lot of time doing this and I hope that it hasn’t been a waste of time if we can correct this issue and fix it ASAP before June 30th that would be greatly appreciated. I don’t understand where I went wrong or even if I did but I know the ticket number of mine is as well someone else’s ticket number because it says on this. .. I’m ticket number 1830 and have been for awhile months.. please let me know if I’m doing this right.! I love the search engine I need to know what I need to do to fix this please you guys have my email address as far as on my personal information as well I will be home on Monday and looking forward to hearing from someone.. thank you and have an amazing day