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  1. I bid for a $250 CARD ON 12/6/2017. my bid was for 6,037,500 tokens on giveaway 10273. There were no winners posted on that bid on 12/07/2017. I checked on Token History and found that my bid of 6,037,500 tokens was deleted from my tokens. Was this bid awarded to someone? What was the winners bid? Why hasn’t that giveaway 10273 been awarded? Please clear this up for me. If the bid was not awarded to someone, please return my 6,037,500 tokens to my account. This seems to be a very sorry way to do the bidding system. Would you please tell me the managers name and email address so that I may confer with him/her? Please send it to my email address.

  2. Would love to know who wins the prizes when you have to use your tokens to enter the pch token giveaways. Used to see the list from previous day’s wins, but can’t seem to find it anymore on pch.com

  3. I got over 10000 tokens I would luv to win I got health problems my kids see me not having money they wander how long b or I burden them like to take care of my self and help them