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Hi blog readers! It’s me, Donna, and I’m back with my second magazine blog! For those of you who missed my first blog, did you know that in addition to shopping at PCH for fantastic merchandise at low, low prices, Publishers Clearing House also has dozens of terrific magazine deals? Well, it’s true!

Last weekend I was fishing with my husband on the Salmon River in up in Pulaski, NY, which is known for their famous Steelhead Trout.  We had a great day and brought home three beautiful fish, which we ate for dinner all week.  Fishing in the great outdoors reminded me of all the incredible outdoor magazine titles we have at PCH, such as Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Backpacker, and Bassmaster.  You’ll find them under the “Men’s Interests” and “Auto and Sports” tabs on our magazine site.  If you’re more of an off-road enthusiast, you can also find titles like 4 Wheel & Off Road. Perhaps you want to learn how to sharpen up your golf game? Then Golf Magazine would be perfect for you! WHATEVER you like to do, I promise we have a magazine that will help you enjoy it more!

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If you’re not as much of an outdoor enthusiast as I am, remember we tons of other top titles including O, The Oprah Magazine, Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping and Everyday with Rachael Ray — all with savings of up to 80% or more off cover prices! With warmer weather coming soon, I can’t wait to do some redecorating, and I just love the practical advice I get from the pages of BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS. Look for this title and more in the “Top Titles” tab.

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So remember everyone, you can order Field & Stream magazine online (and do ALL of your magazine shopping) at PCH! Enjoy!

Donna Z

Senior Account Executive, Publisher Relations

P.S. Are you an outdoor enthusiast like me? Comment below and let me know what your favorite outdoor activity is!

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  1. I cannot get to the magazines either! Getting really frustrated. Can someone direct me to it without having to go thru 1500 million sweepstakes stuff?