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  1. Sounds like “my cup of tea”, thanks , looking forward to more games but also to August end. Really enjoy old games with a few new ones thrown in occasionally, Keep up the hard, fun work and God Bless!1

  2. Hi guys, I won some cash in lotto eight and on lotto seven. I tried to claim it as the monies and the token wins. Now , y’all know i am a Superfan and a constant player of all the games. Danielle , I never choose you to dunk you. As far in winning the PCH SWEEPSTAKES, it will give me the opportunity to pay-back Haven for Hope a homeless shelter. If the Light shines on me , i would also like a PCHSUPERFAN t-shirt size large. So i can wear it proudly, and hope people ask me about it and I can tell thembthat they too can win.☺☺☺☺☺ Thanks PCH for the honor of allow me to play your games. May the Light shine on you, that y’all can experience Love,Peace and Joy. San Juanita Salinas