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  1. My fiance and I would be thrilled to have 50k towards a wedding. (I’m assuming that entering means writing something?). We are a same sex couple with non supporting parents on both end, and we are struggling to come up with the money for our dream wedding. Our savings took a major hit when I was diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. Insurance hardly covers the bills, and we are doing our best to save regardless, but being in law school is making it difficult for me to contribute. My fiance is also an immigrant from India, and I want more than anything to be able to give her some of her Indian traditions as well as the traditional type of wedding I was raised with.

    With this money we would be able to combine both american and indian wedding traditions, and share our special day with family and friends. We would be able to afford a better venue on the beach as well as food for our guests instead of just appetizers. We always wanted a wedding at a very expensive hotel in st. petersburg and never imagined being able to afford one, and this could make it possible.