How You Can Spot A Publishers Clearing House Facebook Scam!

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As you all know, the PCH Prize Patrol is very concerned about scammers on Facebook. Unfortunately, in just a few short weeks of my internship here at Publishers Clearing House, I have realized how many fans are posting on Facebook about friend requests from strangers impersonating the Prize Patrol. These scammers are even telling people they won and need to give them money! I wanted to write a blog to give you all some more information on how you can identify if the person on Facebook is a scammer!

One thing we haven’t done yet on the blog is show you a real Facebook message conversation with a scammer. Well recently one of our fans had a conversation with a scammer who was pretending to be Todd Sloane. This fan was grateful enough to post this on Danielle’s PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page to share with everyone! If you receive a private message like this…it’s a Publishers Clearing House Facebook SCAM!

Spot A Publishers Clearing House Facebook Scam

Spot A PCH Facebook Scam

So how can you be sure it’s a scam? Well for starters, if you receive a friend request or private Facebook message from anyone claiming to be the PCH Prize Patrol, that’s the first indication! The most important thing to know is that the Prize Patrol will NEVER send personal messages, friend requests or contact you prior to knowing the winner of the prize. The only way that you will know if you have won big ($10,000 and up) is if the Prize Patrol shows up at your doorstep. If you do get into contact with a scammer through a Facebook message or a phone call, DO NOT give them any of your personal information or money! PCH NEVER asks for money in order to claim a prize — winning and entering sweepstakes is ALWAYS free.

Another tip is to look at the number of followers the Facebook page has. For example, if someone named “Todd Sloane” sends you a friend request and you see they only have 3 friends, that’s a way to tell that it’s a Publishers Clearing House Facebook SCAM. The REAL PCH Prize Patrol Fan Pages have thousands of fans! If you do catch a scammer on Facebook, be sure to report them, it would be a BIG help to the Prize Patrol if we have our fans assist in reporting scammers. Not only would you be helping them, but other fans as well! For steps on how to report a scammer refer to this YouTube video created by Danielle:

How to Report A Scam On Facebook

Working with the Prize Patrol and analyzing Facebook postings allowed me to realize that there sadly are scammers out there targeting innocent people. I hope this helps everyone and gives insight on what to look for the next time you are contacted by a scammer on Facebook! Please don’t be fooled, and if you have any questions, you can always leave a comment on the PCH Prize Patrol Fan Pages — Danielle Lam, Todd Sloane or Dave Sayer!

Alyssa C.
Promotion Development Intern

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  1. I received one of these friend requests and then the follow message today. I even talked to the guy on the phone. He called from a 704 area code phone number. Here is the message.
    James Smith
    You’re friends on Facebook

    James Smith
    Hey you are this month winner of 2.5million dollar and a new car
    yes…lay it on me!
    James Smith
    So how are you feeling to know you are this month winner
    LOL…like this a joke
    James Smith
    No sir it not a joke
    ok…whats the deal? explain? I’m all ears
    James Smith
    Well we are going to deliver it to you
    Ok…That sounds awesome! When will you be here?
    James Smith
    As soon as we get things together
    So can I have your full name and address
    What things?
    You have my full name!
    I am Johnson city, tn
    James Smith
    Ok give me your full address
    Who are you with?
    I’m still not believing you right now, and still think this is some kind of joke or something
    James Smith
    The PCH
    No it’s real
    your phone number rings to verizon
    oh it says I’m out of my calling area…right now and rang verizon and not your number
    ok…you call me then
    How come you don’t list any details on your page?
    James Smith
    Ok am going to call you now
    It is on
    Are you going to call me?
    Give me some kind of proof you are who you say you are
    ok? what now ?
    LOL…I thought it was a scam…and I am right
    James Smith
    I’m still not believing any of it. I will believe it when I see it
    James Smith
    Seen by James Smith at 12:28pm

    1. Hello David, as a reminder, the real PCH will never send friend requests, private messages, or winner notifications to our fans over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc; and we will never ask for money to claim a prize. Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim!