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  1. As VIP I would like to claim my superprize numbers for giveaway 8800 of 15 million on 8/31/17😱🌹 Also I want to claim ownership of my superprize numbers entry’s…..thanks Pch 🙋🌹🌹 Heather in Vandalia,Ohio🌎🌹

  2. PCH I’m here to flex my VIP muscle and hopefully again some more ground to be considered winner of the win it all prize show me that big check I’m ready

  3. I really could use the $ since I have to live on disability. It would be so nice to have extra money in the bank to pay bills. I know this doesn’t matter to you, because I’m sure you hear this story a lot. But, please consider me for anything.

  4. all i do is wounder about # PLEASEenter me i was told dont worry about # but im not sure activation code other # i have its all in playing sooooo i just keep playing

  5. PCH thanks for coming up with new games, it keeps it more interesting. I look forward to meeting the prize patrol one day soon winner or not. But I hope as a winner