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  1. PCH .com sweepstakes thank you
    For given me the opportunity a chance to win winner selection list .not having a löve one here anymore
    I don’t blame God for taking my mother to haven no more pains no suffering that my mom would she pass away sat morning 09/28/13 the best mom ever sweetested .my best friend that share any problems you had am going to miss her very much .she said belive have faith in holy sprit things well get better ,every day 24-7 am going to be winner some day being happy being humble.I do not give up easy pch.com am a winner in my heart .staying strong respect others and others will respect you as friend forever. Good luck to all .superprize bring me That Big Check waiting long time prize patrol what are you waiting for welcome anytime knock on my door
    Please good night .take care

  2. PCH staff said, on june 20th that the first search of the day is an automatic entry and every new search after that is another entry. That is not true. I’ve been “searching” daily and rarely do I get the message that it was an entry. I conduct new legitimate searches and there is no confirmation of an entry. PCH will run you through many time consuming hoops to get an entry confirmation and all I get is time wasted with frustration. I am college educated, I know how to follow directions. I’m looking for PCH to follow through with their written word and confirm my entry. Have some integrity PCH. Please.

    1. Hi Talara, it sounds like you may have misunderstood the statement. On your first search of the day, you will receive an entry into our sweepstakes. Your other searches will give you an entry into PCHSearch&Win instant prizes. You will not receive a confirmation message after every new search, confirming that it was an entry. Each new search counts as an entry towards the daily prize of the day. To learn more about PCHSearch&Win, please visit: http://search.pch.com/about.

      – Jussie W. at PCH

  3. It would be like a dream to win and be able to help people in need and give back to so many all over this U.S.A. I thank our heavenly father for all he has done this far, IN THE NAME OF JESUS AMEN.