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  1. I would love to win. It would make my life so much easier after all of the problems I have had recently. My family and church would also benefit from it. God Bless. I have never won anything in my life.

  2. I would like to win really bad……..ive been faithfully playing pch since 2012…..ive played every game…..ive entered all of the contest…….please let me win something……I’m not asking to win it all,,,,,,,,it would be nice to win it all……….but I’m not going to be greedy…….but it would be nice……..thank you……

  3. It foolish for me to say “I want to WIN it all” However, the truth is “I Do want to WIN it ALL. Don’t want to be selfish about winning, but the human part of me tells me to I deserve to be the winner. So if I don’t win then I will be sad. However, I am old enough to know that I don’t always get what I want. So I can say that I have enjoyed playing these games. it has challenged me, it has made me think more clearly, and it has been a pleasure to see how far I could go playing these PCH games. So, if I am not the winner of this great prize, I can say that I truly have won. I just want to say Thanks for the opportunity to play and win. God Bless PCH