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  1. add your comment here hello PCH publisher Clearing House: I like to thank you I love you pch for the support that you guys been giving me. I haven’t won yet, but you guys being making me fill like a winner. and I’m here to win.
    Thank to God for this chance.

    When I collect the money from mega prize event on june 30th.
    I will donate the 10 % from my cash prize $ 1000.000.00 to help all the homeles in sacramento, ca. God will be my witnes.

    Prize patrol I will be waiting for you at home don’t be late, in scale from 1 to 10 I want to win. Scale 10.

    Thank you and god bless you pch member..

    Atte: cesar G.

  2. 10! Will not wear makeup on the 30th so that mascara doesn’t run… since either way i’ll be crying hehe!

  3. I Want To WIN,so I pick 10!Hope I’m The A PCh Win!To Tell All My Friends,Play PCH To Win! I’M IN IT TO WIN IT.GOOD lUCK tO ALL! GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

  4. I”ll have 6 kids and 4 grand kids I find for chapter 7 six years ago rent is 1,500 dollar car note is 270.00 work 4 days 3 days off I have to move becomes the rent is to high and my job is moving away in July 21 2013 now I have no money in the bank when they move in July and I about to file for another chapter 7 soon.

  5. I would love to win. My grandson needs help for h.s.. He has a football scholarship with Calvert Hall CollegeHigh School His family has to come up with more money His football money is not a full scholarship. He is very smart. He just received the President award for excellency in grades. Calvert Hall is a very good school. They bring the best out of each student.His mother and father both have jobs.He is a great kid. They do not know where they are mgoing to get the balance.I would like to help them Eileen

  6. Winning millions is a fantastic thought, however I just want to be able to afford to finish school. I’ve got an A average so far. 🙂

    I’ll be able to change millions of lives for the better when I’m finished… I have goals of making the world a better place.

  7. HEY PCH!!!! This is Gerald Myles I Love you guys for giving me a little extra Hope of making a life changing event possible! I want to Win so bad it’s gotten to the point I’m dreaming about walking up and opening the door whew I might even just pass out!! Haha. But we are going out for breakfast my treat! Then it’s off to charity I really want this opportunity to show people that helping others feels great, and in the process of helping others as a community we might even have an effect on our nation . Love u guys!!!