Past PCH Winner Stephanie Gornichec

Stephanie Gornichec, $1 Million SuperPrize winner!

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  1. I love your video. I watches it all the time. It keeps me having the faith to never EVER give up. I KNOOWWWWWW the PCH is Coming, and I only ask God to grant me the self control I’m gonna need, when they DO come, when I DO win. Congrats Again. God Bless You

  2. Hello there! to all of you blog readers out there, when it comes to winning huge amounts of the super prize winnings….it’s all about the drawings of the numbers. Basically, it’s all about the numbers, kinda like (bingo).

    1. Hi Guys, wow, must be a wonderful experience. Con grads ! I was hoping to see some videos but, it was removed from the Blog site. Something about YOU TUBE….
      Anyway, best of luck.
      Sincerely, Joseph A. Mauriello

  3. Congrats to you steph hope ill be that lucky and blessed by pch also god bless you and your family congrats god had really looked out for you hope im the same way too initials b.s.