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  1. I want to say congratulations to all the winner of 2013 from PCH. I hope the rest of this year brings you love of family and happiness of all life has in store for you all.
    I would love to be a winner of the Super Prize from PCH. I hope one day I will get to meet the wonderful people that we call Prize Patrol and they bring me a life changing big check with my name written on it. My husband Brian and 2 boys Hunter and Jayson and myself talk about PCH at least once a day if not more. That very important and exciting question is always crossing my mind what if Prize Patrol comes to our home to tell me I am now a part of the lucky winners circle.
    PCH has changed many peoples lives this year and I think it says a lot about these people who work at PCH. Their jobs are to bring joy to others and to hand out these wonderful life changing blessing. Thank you to all you wonderful people who work at PCH and all you do every day! My family knows all about PCH and hope one day we can say we are part of their winners circle.