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  1. Love Pch hope they give me a dream come true me and my family would be so happy we are a little stressed out with the bills but i play hard to win and i spend what i can and buy from Pch so may one day my dream come true i have a doorbell that works and i give great hugs much love David Simon

  2. Aloha! 😀 The Frontpage is very nice because it displays a variety of interests at a glance; headlines, weather, entertainment,etc. You’re really growing up nicely PCH! and thankyou for all the offers, and chances to win prizes and play games. I believe you are the All-American Company in the best country in the world, I’m your fan :D, Aloha nui loa

  3. Mlisterlina barros Yes waiting for the prize patrol to come to my house ON AUG 29 this is my ABSOLUTE DREAM COM TRUE AMEN AMEN AMEN

  4. i have ready for so long , i hope i win something …but good luck to all , YES, YES,,,YES,,,YES,,, FOREVER YES…

  5. Misterlina barros yes AUG 29 is the day I wait for with the help off my angels and my god help too that I well be the WINNER WINNER SO THAT I PAY MY BILLS and help my grandkids so they finish their college AMEN AND WITH THE LORD BLESSING US

  6. Everyone loves the Queen and all go flying into the sun. But only one return, and only one will fertilize. That happens in the world of bees. So with the draw contestants Forever. Everyone wants to possess the queen, sorry, the megaprize. And all strive in this stretch, like flying into the sun. However, just one get accomplished. Who will be the lucky guy? Hopefully the door is opened 29 and congratulate the happy winner. And with the same happiness drawn on our faces all congratulate ourselves. Because we all had the same opportunity and we are all, ultimately, BIG WINNERS.