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  1. I think your PCH Front Page is garbage. I can’t navigate this sit to just to the sweepstakes, and I’ve really tried.
    Please unsubscribe me from PCH Front Page , immediately. I’ve got enough frustration from the government.

  2. Even tho I have had so many problems getting my entries confirmed due to ?¿? Mobile?¿?, even tho I have asked for help from all parties involved (from the makers of my cell, all the way to PCH), &I am still having the same problems (all day & night, every single day); I am still trying! Knowing I am not getting results or conformation of my entries (I know I am doing it right, for I have had a few entries confirmed), I am still entering, hoping, praying & holding on with FAITH, & it is God’s Will, my turn will come! Good luck & God Bless all, including PCH & me!

  3. I would like to win to. But like a lot of the other it is just a dream! Thank you any way and may GOD BLESS each and everone!

  4. Should I win I’d surely be the happiest old woman in the world.. I’d have the car , I never could afford. Also
    Dental implants. Again that I’d never be able to afford alone. I praise God for this chance to win after so many years of trying ,and I also have a list of groups to whom I”d like to donate too. People I see could use some help
    Those are just a few things.Mean while until my dreams come true and prayers are answered I keep Praying InJesus NameOhGodLetMe Win. Please!

  5. Hey you guys! Can you get off the asphalt? Get into a 4×4 and get to some of us, folks who have been entering your sweeps daily, for years. Would you do that please? Fore-warning, Danielle, you can not wear those spiked high heels! Best to get a pair of hiking boots, LOL