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  1. I don’t know what else to say other than I really really need this , not just for me but for everyone around me that loves and cares about me to get the old Ryan back .life for me has been just one big struggle and has kept me down , been waiting sooo long to be UP , I lose sleep over it and push away the most important people in my life who stick with me regardless , I just want a chance to give back to them and have them see to ,that I am capable of smiling again.

  2. It is my prayer to the Most High God that he will favor me and my household with this big opportunity to be the winer so that I will have more time to be with my children for the first time as a single mother of four kids, I will be so much happy again in JESUS MIGHTY Name Amen.

  3. I’ve dreamed of the moment when the PCH PRIZE PATROL would show up here. I don’t really know what I’d do at first. I’d ask if it were true, then cry, bunny dance, hug everyone and thank God I’d made it to the top of the winners list! Thank you PCH for letting me DREAM! Hope & faith that someday would be my family!

  4. FrontPage is a pivotal moment in the process of uttermost fulfillment It puts mind muscle determination to continue and dream the dreams that this grand opportunity affords

  5. Surely I’m experiencing a great achievement with PCHFrontpage system. Thank you PCHOfficials for your good job

  6. hes i really need to win this if i dont it will be real hard to pay bills an a car an food an other stuff so i hope i win cause i really do need this i never won anything my whole life

  7. I do not know what to do when an email comes to me saying FINAL STEP REQUIIRED. SEARCH NOW TO INITIATE. AN EMPTY BOX COMES UP AND SAYS


    1. Hi Jeanne, the email message that you received is referring only to the entry opportunity contained in that email. All of your other timely entries are valid and will remain valid even if you don’t respond to the email. This email is simply offering you another winning opportunity.

      The email is promoting PCHSearch&Win. PCHSearch&Win is a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. You can use it to find anything you’d like – recipes, coupons, information about your favorite celebrities, etc. But unlike a typical search engine, PCHSearch&Win awards prizes every day just for using it. If you’re not already registered, go to http://search.pch.com and click “Sign Up.” On the first search that you perform on any given day, you will receive an entry into our sweepstakes. This is confirmed above your search results. It is not necessary to click on any of the search result links to complete your entry. Winners are picked randomly so WHAT you search for does NOT impact your chances of winning a prize. Every day a bunch of winning times are chosen (usually several per hour) and the first person to search after a winning time wins. For more information, visit http://search.pch.com/howto.

      – Jussie W. at PCH