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  1. Hello everyone l wish that l make this like l know all of you want to win l am trying so hart when the internet gos out and in l try to get on it so fast but good luck to all of you and God Bess

  2. Wow love the page. Just wanted to tell y’all thanks. Thanks for giving everyone hope and giving everyone something to look forward to. It feels wonderful. I mean sometimes around here it gets pretty tight on money well a lot of the time actual, but thanks to y’all when I get down and out over our financial problems I get on pch and try to win something. I’ve never won anything yet but it still gives me hope. Thanks

  3. I am Blessed but having PCH win would be complete.Life hasn’t always been kind so I sure could use some good news and luck. Thanks PCH

  4. Well still no luck !
    All that’s left now is to leave it in Gods hands and hope he shows mercy on someone.
    Good luck to all of you !

    I would also like to thank PCH for giving us all something to take our minds off our problems if only for a short time.