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  1. How do I play more PCH lotto to not miss out on winning BIG, when I try and it puts up this hand and tells me, sorry, you have already played today? I want to win and win BIG so, please let know what I need to do?

  2. Love the bingo games ,unsure about the pch page as homepage state the page has to many servers unsafe. Help? Enjoy the excitement of being the next big winner

  3. I have to use Library’ at school to borrow computer due to my PC not working. I tried to have Lott us on
    but they don’t allow gambling so then I tried to use my password and failed. I know my password and it was used “Web” in the box.


  4. my wife has had 6 major back seg. had right hip replaced 7 times the ball on hip has been replaced she hhas no hip at all now over a year wating for sore to hill so she can get a new 1 we lost our business in 2008 we owe lots of money if we weer to win we would pay our bills and try to help all the pople we could that are relly hurting we can with the money left over the lord put us here to help allll that are in need not to let hurt and keep on parying that is our purpose the lord put us here for not to let others hurt lord help this country be with all thoes who need you emeny and frends. I thank you lord for what you did for us siners.thank you.T.G.