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  1. I would like to win the turn back time get 8800 pch giveaway I claim my prize and all that comes with it thank you HENRIETTA VIGIL

  2. Pchfrontpageclaim Activate win Superprize Giveaway$1,000.00 a day for Life winner Announced on NBC during this special Early Look prize event Righful ownship prize fully Eligible to win Gwy No8800 Pch Yes I want to win.

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  5. This past month I have been extremely busy entering, searching and claiming prizes. This was my first time to really get into the PCH giveaways seriously. I never knew it was so indepth. I became a PCH addict. Everyone thinks I really lost my mind. What they don’t understand is I found it. Only by the his Grace and his Mercy I also reclaimed my Faith. This has been an exciting and tiresome adventure for me but it gave me the knowledge that my Life is not over and each day there is a new adventure if one chooses to go for it. GWY#8800 12/22/17 “turn-back-time” $2,600 million lump sum and $5,000 a week for life and all the extras like cars, truck, cash, vacations, etc. I claimed and I because obsessed with. I stop day dreaming years ago and turned hard toward life when I had my four children ripped from me. I didn’t know how to live. So, I didn’t. I existed. Tho, that was ten years of living Hell, all grown plus 8 blessing (8 healthy grandbabies) and we all in Tennessee together. Your “turn-back-time” gave me a change.. Thank You for allowing me to be apart of this adventure.

  6. Yes i. Still inittowinit searching to get full eligibility to win 2,600,000.00 plus 5000 a week for life! I am a single mom ready to show my kids a life we never had for bigger brighter future