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  1. EASTCOAST BABYYYY… Hope now that the prize patrol has traveled all over our Great Country… they can stay a little closer to home:) like Scituate, Ma for the #8800 6/30/17 I’m Praying that I have that once in a Lifetime # .Also I was Thinking.. this is the year for 1st’s… PCH Moving to a Great New Building, This sweep #8800 a First & It would Be a First For me to Potentially Win something So Extravagant & Then Some…. “In It To Win It” Entering, Entering, Entering… Playing Hard on the Great Games… Good ~ Luck All 🙂

  2. It would be a dream for many. I play almost daily and reply to all emails but I never by anything. Can’t afford it. But I know that the odds are not in but one person favor. Reality check. I’ve never won anything.