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  1. Dear PCH my name is Barbra I would love to be one of your winner $5,000 forever prize that will be a great blessing to me and my family I can get us a home some place to call our own once in my life I just want one of my dreams to come true I know I have not been given comments lately but I have been trying to play your games I have not gave comments because it’s hard but some time to get it on this phone but I do my best I know it’s a blessing somewhere out there for me and my family I haven’t gave up yet I keep trying but being one of your windows will be one of my dream that came true I have been playing ever since I was 22 years old now I am 55 next month I will be 56 years old and I still haven’t gave up thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a winner that mean a lot to me God bless and protect you doing your long journey I think you guys are great I give you thumbs up good luck to all of you still waiting PS hope to hear from you soon your friend Barbara God bless