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  1. Im writing on here to tell everyone i hope i will win because i never won anything in my life and it would be wonderful if i win then my to sons and my family would not have to worry about anything and i can buy a house and a new car for me and my husband and i would give my sons money and my mom and my husbands mom too so please god help me win thats all i ask im praying everyday that i win thank you god bless everyone

  2. I would love to win a pch so that I could pass on a blessing to some family members, friends,and chairlifts need.

  3. We have struggled from month to month, and it is getting harder. But as long as we have the good Lord, on our side, he always provides a way for us. And if I win it will be because the lord has planned it for us. Thank you for giving me this chance. and also good luck to all other entries.

  4. If I won the first thing that I would do is grab my 2 year old baby girl and drop to my knees to thank God. I would then look att my little girl sophhia and tell her everything is going to be alright, and that mommy is ok now. You see I was an orphan I spent my life in the fostercare system and when ever I aged out iin 2003, I went to take care of my mother and everyday I prayed to God that I would not ever loose her again. Well it did not work out the way that I wanted or even dreamed, Because in January of 2006 I woke up beside of her and she was dead, But the thing that I can’t seem to shake is I was up and down through the night checking on her to make sure she was ok. giving her hugs and kisses. Little did I know that she was dead the whole time. She died at 3 forty five in the morning. I went through 8 losses in 3 years. Sophia is the only living family that I have now and every day I pray that God will send someone in my life to help ease the pain by just showing that they are a friend and that it is ok to stop and enjoy my little girl, because the stress and fear of what and how I am going to make sure her future is secure financially is lifted some would let me slow down enough to just breathe.


  6. add your comment here
    I have being played your games and order some of your items even know your rules says no purchase necessary to,but of course you have some fun items and can help order once in a while.

    Of course I would like to win it would help me to support my son that lost his job couple years ago, I have to pay his full needs, rent, food ect. and then he has a son of 13 that he has to support to of course grandma cannot turn them away.

    PCH is fun in some way and like to win of course but what ever our Lord decide will happen and this all I can do, is hope and ask my Lord to turn His Eyes on me and blessed me but if does not I still will love Hime and praise Him for all the blessins He bestow on me and the world.

    Thank you Mr Collins and Deboraw Mr Sloan for all your warning of failure to respond but I always have responded and it is OK for you to tell us Beware.

    god bless