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  1. i love pch and i really do need to win 5000 week for ever because i am very sick and ineed the the money for my heaalth and my childern and grans

  2. I always support a few Charities, and now am fighting with my health, I have both of my kidneys not doing well and also breast cancer which am doing radiation for at present, and hoping for that miracle for it all to be ok for my future, and if I do win I still wanted to help those Charities and I do love so many of things PCH have on their site, but unfortunately have no money to buy any of them, I love to shop, will be one of my thing again if I win. I believe in my heart that miracle do happens.

  3. I would love it if you came to my house I would give you the biggest hug ever as I am losing everything and i do not know how long I can hang on. Praying to see you on August 29, 2013.

  4. Hi Elaina
    I have received emails like the one in your blog. I always make sure to have all my entries in by the deadline that PCH has on each message Sweepstakes. I hope I win one of the many sweepstakes that Publishers Clearing House is running at this time. I want to win a life changing sweepstakes from PCH so I can leave something behind for my two boys when I am gone. I would love to win PCH Initials Giveaway or any of the other wonderful giveaways I have entered recently on PCH.com or through email. Thank you for clearing up any questions I had about PCH Initial Giveaway. Have a great day and weekend. I hope to hear from Publishers Clearing House soon! Bye Bye

    1. I’m Reply to Elaina and so many other PCH Customers I like to see PCH at my front Door on Aug 29 And I would be Blest. I like to pay of all of my Bills Get me A home I’m tired pay rent at all time and I would like to take a vacation with out worry good look to all of you