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  1. Ill never forget that day I was at work at wal-mart. I didn’t know what to think at first I was dazed. I Thought bout all the people all the family’s .all’s I kept thinking was God please help them be there for them. God bless all of them the family’s, the soldiers also all who were lost God bless all of us

  2. There are so many emotions that are involved concerning this day. I cannot begin to feel the pain of the families of the victims, nor the thoughts of the victims as it was happening. I know GOD has them in his embrace. I remember I was working at the childcare when I was told a plane flew into the first tower. My first thought was a terrible accident. Then I was told another…and the anger began to swell, because I knew it wasn’t, and I knew it was cowards that had done it. To strike at the innocent is the lowest you can go. I’m so proud of the passengers on the flight that fought to ensure that plane didn’t reach it’s intended destination. That is true bravery. All of the responders who were there and came to help, that too is true bravery…Yes I will always remember this day. GOD Bless The USA.

  3. it is/was unforgettable and quite unfortunate! Hopefully as one race, the HUMAN race we can build bridges of peace and each one of us in our own way try each day to be part of the solution. RIP to the many many we lost and much love to all their families and pray for all those children that never got to even meet one of their parents. and the responding crews, 911 responders, firemen and women police etc…..much love and respect for all you did that day and do each day you suit up and show up! thank you and many blessings…….