WOW! $7,000 Every Week For Life is A LOT of Money!


Hey, all my PCHBlog buddies out there! I’ve got a riddle for you!

What do 2,030 gallons of milk and 11,628 lbs of bananas have in common with 1,942 gallons of home fuel oil and 1,899 gallons of gas?


Give up? Well, each of these quantities, according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, shows what you can buy with $7,000 these days!

Now … imagine having that kind of buying power week after week: I’m talking $7,000 every single week FOR LIFE!

Yep, as the winner of the LARGEST weekly lifetime prize we’ve ever offered at PCH, you could buy 835 movie tickets every week …  or pick up the tab for 90 dinners for two (that’s for restaurants here in the NYC area – crazy expensive!).



But, milk, bananas and movie tickets aside, I’m sure that YOU would have your own special ideas of what to do with a tremendous lifetime prize like this!

The possibilities would go on and on … just like those $7,000 prize checks! Credit card, mortgage and/or student loan balances? Wiped clean. New luxury car?  The showrooms await!

You know, what I love about the comments we get from valued PCHblog readers – like YOU! – is hearing how they would use their PCH SuperPrize money to help others!   For instance, Melanie B. wrote last week: “ … we would take care of our parents and siblings and grandparents, then donate to so many charities …” Isn’t that lovely?

So now that I’ve got you thinking about just how life-changing our $7,000 Every Week For Life prize could be … it’s time to step up to the plate and GO FOR IT!

You can enter to win today and every day at You can also score a daily entry at PCHSearch&Win  with your first search of the day when you log in.

Then, if you win, you’ll be SET FOR LIFE and find out for yourself how huge a $7,000 Every Week For Life prize is.

In the meantime, let’s hear what YOU would do with $7,000 (week after week after week …)?

All the best, your PCHBlogBuddy,
MaryBeth H.

P.S. Of course, if there is no matching winning number, we will go to a second chance drawing for a big $1,000,000.00 award.  Now, that is a LOT of money, too!

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  1. Dang Y’all, to think I have been living on this for almost as long as the #PrizePatrol has been around….well actually; less than this yearly, since May 1990; when I first got on disability; just after my 30th birthday. I wish I could reliably do any job to change my finances…so I lived on less than 7000.00 per year! I, so wish, I could have 7000. per week….it would just blow my lil mind……how about you? dunno what I would buy…I would continue living how I believe and try to continue to help others along my way in this thing called LIFE. just sayin”

  2. I don’t mention it all the time, because I know you hear everyday, how someone wants to help and I really believe that is what makes our lives meaningful. But I have said before and I really never have changed, I’ve been in Heathcare Ins. for many, many years and I really do love it. But I want to go back to school (yes school) at the young age oops (i’m not telling) for non profit, I want to work for the people for free, there is much people don’t understand, plus to help with their bills ….., this is what I want to do. I’ve already been looking into classes that I can take on line that is free, I’m not going to give, I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time,

  3. If I won I’d be able to treat my disabled son to something really special. I’d help my mother and my brothers and I get a home and use some to buy food and clothes for children in need.

  4. i would help my grandparents back in India with their medical bills which i can pay for all year around. I would help them build a home for them. I would retire early and take care of my sick mother and my children. I love to travel and see new places and donate to so much charities here and back home. There are a lot of homeless people back home which i want to help and save. Love PCH and all you guys. May God bless you and everyone. add your comment here

  5. I would buy a cabin in the mountains,never been able to buy a home of any kind…. anyway with a year around trout creek… love to fish.. yummy in my tummy…. help my grown children and grandchildren, because that’s what grandparents are suppose to do, it would be a blessing… wouldn’t be able to thank you enough…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 and that’s what I would do, plus, help the less fortunate !!!

  6. This is a good opportunity to express how I feel if I won.——-> First I would start off by thanking god and get my debt out the way. Then I would Pay all my bills down to $0.00 maybe negative lol. I would pay my car off. and take my kids shopping. I would then buy headstones for my mom and grandma. Next give to a few charities I have in mind. I then would help out family that is in need. perhaps get a basketball court in the backyard. get me exercise equipment. and put my money in the bank and sit back and relax. oh get my dogs some dog houses and all essentials. I would consider to buy a home… yay=) and after that maybe the wedding bells will ring and I will have a great wedding!!! sound like a lot “I know. so this is what I would do if I WON. buy my dream car of course a truck and get my kids rooms together and me a bedroom set.. it sound like so much fun to shop anytime you want… *Gemini* PCH ROCKS=) signed Indianapolis women!xoxo

  7. My parents can finally enjoy their retirement. I’ll help pay for my nephews’ and nieces’ college education. I’ll help my siblings become homeowners. Travel. Instead of just signing petitions, I can now actually donate to help animals, the environment and the needy. Last but not least, provide all the medical needs my dog/baby girl needs and I can be a forever pet parent!

  8. I need to wen for pay my bill s and travel see my family I miss then a lots is 4 years I don t see my mother , father and sister and brother I reały which to wen