WOW! $7,000 Every Week For Life is A LOT of Money!


Hey, all my PCHBlog buddies out there! I’ve got a riddle for you!

What do 2,030 gallons of milk and 11,628 lbs of bananas have in common with 1,942 gallons of home fuel oil and 1,899 gallons of gas?


Give up? Well, each of these quantities, according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, shows what you can buy with $7,000 these days!

Now … imagine having that kind of buying power week after week: I’m talking $7,000 every single week FOR LIFE!

Yep, as the winner of the LARGEST weekly lifetime prize we’ve ever offered at PCH, you could buy 835 movie tickets every week …  or pick up the tab for 90 dinners for two (that’s for restaurants here in the NYC area – crazy expensive!).



But, milk, bananas and movie tickets aside, I’m sure that YOU would have your own special ideas of what to do with a tremendous lifetime prize like this!

The possibilities would go on and on … just like those $7,000 prize checks! Credit card, mortgage and/or student loan balances? Wiped clean. New luxury car?  The showrooms await!

You know, what I love about the comments we get from valued PCHblog readers – like YOU! – is hearing how they would use their PCH SuperPrize money to help others!   For instance, Melanie B. wrote last week: “ … we would take care of our parents and siblings and grandparents, then donate to so many charities …” Isn’t that lovely?

So now that I’ve got you thinking about just how life-changing our $7,000 Every Week For Life prize could be … it’s time to step up to the plate and GO FOR IT!

You can enter to win today and every day at You can also score a daily entry at PCHSearch&Win  with your first search of the day when you log in.

Then, if you win, you’ll be SET FOR LIFE and find out for yourself how huge a $7,000 Every Week For Life prize is.

In the meantime, let’s hear what YOU would do with $7,000 (week after week after week …)?

All the best, your PCHBlogBuddy,
MaryBeth H.

P.S. Of course, if there is no matching winning number, we will go to a second chance drawing for a big $1,000,000.00 award.  Now, that is a LOT of money, too!

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  1. Ifi ever won the 7.000$ a week for life, the first thing I would do it elevate with my family, then help my parents keep there home, and lastly I would be able to get married to the man I love.

  2. Is this a early look!!
    Is so we don’t have a chance in hell winning the 7K week for life.

    , Do me a favor ditch the search engine, it sucks.

    Please don’t choose the winner from the search engine. why should we waste our time getting in front of your commercials.. if you let postal mail in on this a majority of them don’t get in front of the commercials and your constant begging us to buy your products.. and ditch the tokens replace it with big money.

    If you have a big giveaway and someone out there wins the big payoff giveaway not the 1 million, you should give the fans another chance at several million pay off who has sacrificed their time on your online sweeps.

    1. Hi Barbara, yes this is a Special Early Look sweepstakes. Winners are selected randomly. All Giveaways are conducted by Giveaway Supervisors and overseen by independent auditors. We have no idea, in advance, who the winners might be. It’s just as much of a surprise for us as it is for you! This does not mean that there isn’t a chance for someone to win $7,000 Every Week For Life. In November 2011, Leroy Faulks won $1 Million plus $5,000 A Week For Life MegaPrize:

      We appreciate your feedback. Please remember that PCHSearch&Win is there to provide an additional entry opportunity. You may still continue to enter our sweepstakes by mail: Publishers Clearing House; 101 Winners Circle; Port Washington, NY 11050, by calling 1-800-645-9242 (choose Option #2 with a Customer ID) or online at Also, you never have to buy anything to enter. The pages you see when entering online are just suggesting things that you might be interested in. You can still enter after you’ve skipped all of these pages. If you don’t want to make a purchase, click the “next” option on the bottom of the screen until it brings you to the entry page.

      Every new entry is a new chance to win so don’t lose hope!

      – Jussie W. at PCH


  4. Still I wood be able to buy my very First home in the mountains, with a trout stream, I love to fish…. help my children, and grandchildren, let them live with me… for a healthy life style,back to nature…. this would be such a blessing from PCH …. ♡♡♡trout…. yummy in my tummy… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank you for letting me enter contest!

  5. I would give my parents $2000 a week to pay all their bills with and help with groceries. I would give my 2 daughters each $1000 a week to help with school stuff and food and I would keep $3000 a week to pay off all my debts and bills. After I caught up I would help inner city schools and homeless people that I could they both seem to be a ongoing problem.