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  1. That would be a gift from God he knows what I need now in the times I am going through right now Amen Praise Jesus…….

  2. Good morning. My name is Barbara Publishing Clearing House I think you. Forgiving Some of us opportunity To feel Our dreams Your number 1 in my book. Yes I would like to win To fulfill my dreams. It would help me and my family a lot. Thank you Publishing Clearing House God bless all of you PS Hope to hear from you soon. Good luck to all of us Who is in The sweet state

  3. I received an entry via regular mail and it requested a Premium offer acquisition fee of $12.99. What is this fee for and should I pay to enter the contest

    1. I got the same thing, and sent form back denying the premium offer, to which I got another letter saying I need to pay fee to remove the hold status. Not sure why there is a fee or any payment involved when the documents always say no purchase necessary to win.

      1. I got the same letter requesting $11.89; it also said it was a requirement. I googled to see if other people are paying it and to learn if this is becoming fascitious.