What Would You Do If YOU Were Set For Life?

Hey PCH Blog friends!

Hopefully by now you’ve heard about our upcoming SuperPrize, $7,000 A Week For Life!  That’s quite a hefty amount that’ll pay out week after week!  I can’t even imagine what that would really feel like, but I think the best way to sum it up is that you’d be SET FOR LIFE!


Can you imagine what it would be like?  Not having to worry about anything?  Your bills would always be paid on time! You wouldn’t have to worry about cutting out coupons or trying to find the best deals! You could buy whatever presents your family subtly hints at!  The possibilities are endless!

For me, being Set For Life would mean living life at my own pace.  You know what I mean?  There are just some days you want to relax and take it easy…but of course it is on those days that the reality is “go-go-go!”  And then there are days where I like being busy, but my body (or tired brain!) just doesn’t want to cooperate!  So being Set For Life means I can just do what I feel like doing, WHEN I feel like doing it!

The other day, I decided to walk around the PCH offices and ask some of my fellow co-workers what they would do if they were “Set For Life.”  Why don’t you watch this video and hear what they had to say?!


Ha-ha!  Well of course my fellow PCH employees can’t win the big SuperPrize (darn it!), but it was fun to make this video.  Nick says he wishes he didn’t have to work so many hours!  Man, I know how he feels!  Working so much really takes a lot out of you!  Then there’s Nicole, and her plans for world travel.  That’s something that I’m sure a lot of you out there would probably do if YOU won the $7,000 A Week For Life SuperPrize!  I’m really jealous I didn’t think of Bryan’s idea of just sitting on a porch!  Now that’s ambition! 😉  And how about Val and his rocket pack plans, huh?  His idea was so funny, I had to see if I could try and help him make it true…well, in video form at least!

As I’ve written this blog, I’ve had a lot of fun thinking about this question.  I can’t wait to see who will be our next Publishers Clearing House winner, so we can find out what THEY’LL do with their new life!

-Matt K
PCH Creative

P.S. Oh yeah, so what would YOU do if you were Set For Life?  Your answer can be as crazy as you want!  Think BIG!

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  1. My hubby and I would first give thanks, tithe to GOD and local church, pay off student loan balance, pay off current mortgage, buy a new home and rent first home out, shopping spree, vacation travels, college fund for children, new vehicle and mark my calendar every year to visit PCH Headquarters to thank them for such a GRAND opportunity. I am and will be forever grateful for GOD and PCH having changed my life for the better. 🙂

  2. Hi! Here I am in Dreamland again! Okay, so hubby would give 2 weeks notice/retire for the second time. I would purchase land and build my dream house or buy it if already built. I know approximately the area that I would be looking (thanks to the internet I have started this!). And of course it would be furnished with “made to last” items. Hubby would get a special ordered truck..everything he wants.. I don’t care if it includes a kitchen sink! He deserves it. Kids would all get what they need to make life easier on them. Traveling would be on our list.. family first and friends, that in itself is a lot of traveling. We would also go to places we have never been. Alaska would be on the top of the list, (for hubby), then Hawaii for me (and at this time we have friends there). Germany and Denmark for our anniversary (never quite made it back as planned). And I would buy as much land as possible as an investment for the future generations. I could go on, but reality is calling…or should I say the laundry is. 🙂

  3. Oh and travel. I never flew a plane so that is on my bucket list as well. And take my family to Disney world. maybe get a coach purse. and still work from home even though its commission lol. It is something for now. enjoy my life with my family!!!!

  4. That is a big number to think about!

    Everyone is giving such great ideas. 🙂

    I’d like to retire early, but knowing me, I would need to stay busy. So I’d probably work part-time or volunteer.

    I’d also make time to travel to Europe and maybe Australia.

    Natalie Bostelman
    2008 SuperPrize Winner
    PCH Goodwill Ambassador

  5. If my family was set for life, man-o-man. It would be a dream come true, I would pay off my debt, my bills, my car, and get headstones for mom, and grandma. I would pay off my granddads mortgage- it would be a mazing gift for him. I will be able to get birthday gifts and such for family members. Christmas present-trust me this list will never end lol. I would save for my children’s college. I would donate to a few charities. I would personally go get my own vehicle maybe a Tahoe/explorer a newer model. I would wait to my lease is up and then move to a insect free home haha. I dream big all the time. I think its crazy though, dreaming of something that will never happen—> that’s what my family say anyways. I might be living in a fantasy world. I guess I have a great imagination. I can get tutoring for my daughter. oh the things do not stop. my son likes playing basketball. maybe when I move into my nice luxurious home, I can build a court. =). Maybe in the next years. I can even have the wedding I always dreamt about. I got to have money for all these things I am talking about =). well it is not so bad to dream, its fun and I play all the games. Maybe one day I can meet Dave, Danielle & Todd. Good luck all….xoxo signed NRD….1love

    pps—-> Publishers Clearing House ROCKS