What Would You Say If You Won $7,000 A Week For Life?

One of my favorite parts of working at Publishers Clearing House is that we give away BIG MONEY to amazing people all across the country! No surprise there, right? It’s awesome. And you know what else is awesome? Watching those amazing people get the surprise of their LIFE! Winning moments are the BEST, and I’m always SO excited to see what the winner will say or do next.

With the $7,000 A Week For Life special early look prize event quickly approaching, I’ve been wondering A LOT lately about what the winner will say! I mean this is the LARGEST weekly lifetime prize we’ve EVER offered – the reaction is sure to be out-of-this-world!

Recently, I was even wondering how some of my pals here at PCH Headquarters would react if they won $7,000 A Week For Life. Even though they can’t win because they work here, I still thought it would be fun to see what they would say if the Prize Patrol knocked on their door with the Big Check. And believe me, it was! Watch the video below to see for yourself…


Wasn’t that funny? Tell me…whose reaction did you like best? Christine who couldn’t stop screaming and jumping up and down? Matt who was so shocked he spit out his coffee? Laurel who I “caught” in her towel? Or Nick who was completely silent? I have to say, Laurel was so funny she even had ME laughing! But comment below and tell us what YOU think! And don’t forget to say how YOU would react!

Oh I almost forgot…if you want the chance to actually win $7,000 A Week For Life, you have to enter, enter, ENTER!

Good luck everyone!

Amanda C., PCH Creative

Amanda C.
PCH Creative


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  1. Good morning PCH Pepresentative stff. Miss Amanda. ‘I liked all . The last I even lost my breath . YWaiting for him to scream. I know it was a play. But It realy felt a little here the emotion. Or is it!! Just because is Halloween month? Kitting, Miss Amanda the answer, Miss. Christine. There are no known emotions till it !!!BANG!! hits you.Right in front of the home or the Apartment.Yes ! would love to win. I try to enter as much as I can . I am a volunteer online Activist and advocate and some times I get so many emails it really hard to play as many times as I wan or enter as much as I can. To me this are two responsibilities I have to meet daily.I thank you for given me and others a chance daily to win a prize at PCHSweepstakes. I would like to receive the Sweepstakes by mail also if is possible.It’s been years sence I have not seen your magazing. Thank you Miss. Amanda.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I hope you. Win big. I am 85 and maybe I am getting too excited. I just can’t seem to do what they require. I live in Virginia near the Blue Ridge Mountains. God bless you and your daughter.

  2. The video was very funny, especially the last person. I honestly wouldn’t know how I react. If I did won, I would put my newly husband (which we just got married on Sept. 28) and I on a honeymoon and the. I would donate some of the money to the SPCA, volunteer every Wednesday and they could use the money for the animals.

  3. I would be hugging everybody and keep saying I did it! over and over…..I can finally live in peace from debt and stop dreaming and wishing I had money to build or buy my dream home,it would finally be reality….then I could close my facebook page looking at all the dream homes and places of others I would finally have my own to fix up,possibly build or buy,i am happy for others when they can do or have done it,but its nothing better than you finally getting a blessed chance at your own when you thought it could never be possible on a fixed or no income at all life.i pray I get the opportunity to try someday.

  4. The video didn’t depict any of them saying thanks to almighty GOD for using PCH as a vessel to deliver such a gracious gift. Honestly , I really don’t know but maybe you will find out this November 26th 2013. GOD BLESS P.C.H.

  5. well i would help people that have helped me… then i would make my grandchild so proud of me by doing them right…

  6. I thought Matt and Laurel were pretty funny! As far as my reaction…..I would probably be so happy I would cry.

  7. I would probably would say OMG is this real lol….and jump up and down and and say I knew it, I knew it…. and everybody will know I am not crazy lol…..

    Good Luck all