Want To Win the PCH Sweepstakes Next? DON’T GIVE UP!

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Have you ever set your sights on winning just to have reality come crashing down at your feet? This can be one of the hardest things we have to deal with. With expectations of winning so high, every time we don’t succeed, it takes a big chunk out of our confidence. I’m here to tell you that you giving up is NEVER the answer!

As you may already know, we just awarded John Kutz with a Big Check for One Million Dollars from the PCH Sweepstakes. While this is a very exciting time for John Kutz, we hope none of you are losing your “winning” attitude. A quote that I always like to remember when things don’t go my way is, “When one door closes, another door opens“. So even though you may have not been named the big winner this time, if you keep at it and keep entering, you could be next!

One of our fans of Deborah Holland’s PCH Fan Page on Facebook recently shared something really inspirational. Holly M. said, “…we all need to think positive…when we do it, it seems really great things happen…it does not always make others change as we would like, but I guess it begins with one person who acts kind and positive to get the ball rolling.” We couldn’t agree with you more, Holly! Positivity is KEY, and we’re so thankful to you for sharing it!

And if you don’t take our word for it, listen to the advice from our past winners! As you’ve seen here on the PCH Blog, we always love catching up with our previous winners after they’ve won. Of course, they all tell us about how their lives have changed and all the things they can do now that they could have only dreamed about before. But something they also tell us is that they never gave up! Even if they didn’t win on their first, second, or third try, they kept entering and were persistent. That is the true key to becoming a Publishers Clearing House winner.

So to all you winning hopefuls who didn’t win big yesterday, please remember to stay positive! As Prize Patrol Elite member Danielle Lam says, the only way to win it is to be IN IT! DON’T GIVE UP! Keep the faith and keep entering the PCH Sweepstakes every day. Who knows…you could be next!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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  1. I do feel like giving up for sure,after many yrs of playing,but I won’t ,I guess it will come to me if it’s meant to be.Thank you for the chance to win in so many different ways..!!

  2. Have you ever set your sights on winning just to have reality come crashing down at your feet? This can be one of the hardest things we have to deal with. 🙂 You said it Christa P., but I am keepoing the faith and still entering. It will be my winning day one day. Thanks 🙂

  3. Be Faith! I am understand I still positive running keep play game all times this wonderful! I never give up this game dont want missing I really want win, but I can be patient. I want saying to you Thanksgivings I hope you have nice day.

  4. I hope to see the Prize Patrol in the next few weeks with a Big Check for $25,000.00.

    Or is that going to be $50,000.00 for being a #PCHSuperfan?

    I will continue too keep the faith & remain hopeful that my day
    Will Come!

    I will not let myself get discourage and let this beat me into Shame for not ever #Winning!!!

    Because #iwanttoWin.

    Happy Holidays,

    Mr.David Faas Duluth, Minnesota


  5. I have a whistle blower upper to the give up feelings in my own opinion to why we all feel like giving up. for one our time entering feels like it is being played with by computer hackers some of us have been entering very positively with lots of confidence until it seems as if we are called by false officials asking for money or someone trying to get info from us trying to redirect our I.P addresses other places throwing us off or trying too do so on purpose thinking it can be directed to them or their business if that we shall ever win,it is not fare to keep our hopes up and alive when their is someone possibly in the same system blocking our pathes……I got news for them I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!!!this is our right to try for the best of our lives in an open to all opportunity to not just win but uplift our lives to better our means from constant depressions of not having enough or nothing at all.and to top that I truelly believe that its the business owners in the media that offer the money tampering with the entries highering their employees to tamper with the pages to make us give in or give up”why” I ask? why put it out there and spitefully take it back or trick what you think are vulnerable people who you all think are stupid to give up or give it back? it is hard to tell whom is calling because you have gone on their pages to enter or to read the rules they are not following for themselves .some of us are honest people whom want to make it up out of the slum lord world too,please stop taking some of our chances away…we came too far and too long in time to meet these timeframes to miss our chances in these sweepstakes.i never had my hand out begging for help from anyone I am always to help others but in this don’t take our glory away lets route each other on to make the difference we all been trying our best for,if a scammer happens to see this I wrote.you can keep calling I AM NOT GIVING UP! you will be sorry in the long run when that “KARMA” catches you. you are not to far from it KARMA waiting to pounce right on you for snooping and stealing away some of our efforts.

  6. Congrats to all who won yesterday…I’m most certainly not going to give up. I would love to give my beautiful son a better life and I would love to pay back all who have helped time and time again. My fingers are crossed for next time!!